Sunday, 3 April 2011

A S.

i won't blame you. not either her. maybe it was my fault. maybe. so i try to get over you. i even try to start new days with new people. but they all suck. it wasn't the same. it won't be like 7 years before. i miss you, you know? the school, the field, the hight buildings around us. the black car, the rain, the highlands. its a big crashed in my heart. it is. it is a big wound. it is. she, my best friend. i was told that you are gone. i was told that, i was all alone. i was told that, i better move on. i better leave the place where i don't belong. it was all a story. told by an who had change my entire life. i learn how to love, i learn how to appreciate things. from you. before, i don't understand why she won't let me come over at the every bloom of roses. after a long time,waiting. the answer is, you still alive.with her.