Monday, 4 April 2011

mental disorder

some people are actually don't know with what they are talking about.
so, it is more like, they are talking nonsense. the way they write, the way they post pictures and whatever, is the way they show to crowd, what type of person they are. im not pointing my finger to anyone, it just that, its kindda bullshit to see them talk bad and spread fucking rumors via their blog. they don't even care and concerned bout others feeling. so, lets just mock on them as a pay. we don't have to show even a little respect to them. they talk the untruth things. so why you stupid have the faith in him? i wonder how!

you know why this kind of people easily got banned from a community? because they are such a jerk that trying to get along with a brilliant people. this type of jerk should kill and dump them off to a dustbin!  feel hurt with my words? well, that is my objective :) so, if you don't want yourself to labeled by that tittle, change yourself. clear you black life and make people clear bout what you thinking of.