Monday, 11 July 2011

im not magnetising.

Don't get too attached too quickly - people almost always leave.

Friday, 10 June 2011


we can dance untill we died. you and i
my heart stop when you look at me

fall and fall again.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

biar saye beritahu awak

Dear baby, I'm not sorry for leavin you this way

But I know that I should have told you face-to-face

We've always been straight up so I, I won't waste your time

I'm leavin, say good-bye, because I know what you did last night


Let me let you know, yeah

That I'm leavin baby

Let me let you know, yeah

That I'm leavin baby

Let me let you know

I don't know where I'm goin but I'm goin far from here

Let me let you know yeah

That I'm leavin baby

One more thing before I go, I hope you feel alone

Cuz I'm definitely tired of waiting for you to come home

(been waitin for you at home)

We've always been straight up, so I, I'll just take what's mine

I'm leavin, say good-bye, because you hurt me for the last time

Let me, let you know

Whatever your excuse is, I'm sure, I've heard them all before

Time and time again I told ya, that I need you more

Now I'm walkin out the door

Ooh baby, I'm just here to let you know honey

Ooh, yeah

Here to let you know

Let me let you know yeah

I'm leavin

Saturday, 16 April 2011


i love all the words in each of your melody.
with love, dany

can't wait ;)

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

be cool, be good.

orang cakap, hidup ni jangan cepat melatah.
jangan cepat menggelabah.

well, i know that 


please forgive me ;)

Monday, 4 April 2011

mental disorder

some people are actually don't know with what they are talking about.
so, it is more like, they are talking nonsense. the way they write, the way they post pictures and whatever, is the way they show to crowd, what type of person they are. im not pointing my finger to anyone, it just that, its kindda bullshit to see them talk bad and spread fucking rumors via their blog. they don't even care and concerned bout others feeling. so, lets just mock on them as a pay. we don't have to show even a little respect to them. they talk the untruth things. so why you stupid have the faith in him? i wonder how!

you know why this kind of people easily got banned from a community? because they are such a jerk that trying to get along with a brilliant people. this type of jerk should kill and dump them off to a dustbin!  feel hurt with my words? well, that is my objective :) so, if you don't want yourself to labeled by that tittle, change yourself. clear you black life and make people clear bout what you thinking of.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

A S.

i won't blame you. not either her. maybe it was my fault. maybe. so i try to get over you. i even try to start new days with new people. but they all suck. it wasn't the same. it won't be like 7 years before. i miss you, you know? the school, the field, the hight buildings around us. the black car, the rain, the highlands. its a big crashed in my heart. it is. it is a big wound. it is. she, my best friend. i was told that you are gone. i was told that, i was all alone. i was told that, i better move on. i better leave the place where i don't belong. it was all a story. told by an who had change my entire life. i learn how to love, i learn how to appreciate things. from you. before, i don't understand why she won't let me come over at the every bloom of roses. after a long time,waiting. the answer is, you still alive.with her.