Thursday, 22 April 2010

22 april

nothing much to say.
just woke up at 8.39 and my mom was not at home.
after clean up this tidy lil house, i take my bath and have my breakfast alone.
looking at the cellphone, there was nothing.
emmh.. this is not weird.
i used to be single.
it just erm, kind of boring.
but its okay :)
i'm going to enjoy my life to the fullest!
at the evening, before the rain falls,
i went to Danga Bay, take some pictures and met my old friends, which is i don't remember her name actually.
just saying; "oh, hye!. Erm , budak GS kan? Buat ape skrg?"
Ok,lah, nak jln2 dulu, jumpe lagi"
haha xP
i swear i can't remeber the name.
but she is familiar.
I'm sorry :P