Wednesday, 1 September 2010

julinda oh julinda :)

my beautiful girl, jangan lah sedih2 lagi. skrg neh, 3:30 pm. dany is viewing your blog. and pfttt.....! ape yang berlaku neh?? i can see a black dark cloud are standing on top of you my dear. just have faith in Allah, he knows what we didn't. and He knew what is the best for us. mane taw neh sume ujian bulan puase kan?
Dany can't talk much bout this, tapi whatever you are doing and in any decision you're making, i'll stand behind you. About your study, it might be a new complicated things in your life. Tapi study slow2 okay. Banyak mase lagi. Dany pun mcm linda jugak. but my time is running out, unlike you. erk, bukan nak mati ke ape, i mean final dah dekat. Tp linda still ade mase lagi kan. Believe me, 1 hari nanti , u'll find the way to fix all this things okay. Hopefully, this coming Aid will be much more beautiful than before. Together we'll pray for it.amin. imy :)

sory babe. idk how/where else to contact you via intrnet neh. dkt blog pun mcm xde ruang comment punn. :P
jumpe raye nnt